The code and standards outline the principles and standards of conduct that should guide the behavior of all users of in all areas of expertise or professionalism when using our website. The Code means Code of Ethics and Standards means Standards of Professionals Conduct. Users of include "you", "us", "RDN Platform members", "Staff" or "any authorized third party agent". Adhering to the Code and Standard enables you and other users to access opportunities, explore solutions and increase productivity with the highest standards of ethics and professional excellence for economic and social development.

The Code and Standards are the foundation for compliance with the Terms and Policies of the RDN Platform.



 RDN Platform Members shall:

  1. Act with integrity, competence, respect, and with the ethical manner by (a)keeping the integrity of the profession and the interest of clients above your own interest, (b)expressing if you feel unfairly treated; tell the truth and support others to do the same,  (c)admitting and correcting your mistakes and create and nurture an environment of trust.
  2. Practice and encourage others to practice in a professional and ethical manner which will improve their professional competence.
  3. Respect confidentiality and privacy by maintaining secrecy with respect to customer or client, employee, employer, or any other RDN Platform Members information when using our site and after the termination of your membership in case happen. Only disclose information as per RDN Privacy Policy and other Terms of Services.



 RDN Platform Members shall:

  1. Carry out responsibilities in a manner that bring respect to the professional by (a)complying with all laws, rules, and regulations (b)not making any misrepresentations relating to your identity, your current or previous positions and qualifications as well as your affiliation with a person or entity, past or present, (c)not engaging in fraud, deceit, or commit any act that may affect another user.
  2. Behave in a professional and ethical manner by (a)providing advice, recommendations, or services for which you have the necessary knowledge, skills, and experience; (b)providing a high quality of service, (c)communicating and acting in a way that does not embarrass others.
  3. Exercise diligently, independence, thoroughness in delivering services to adhere to the quality of services in terms of responsiveness, clarity, accuracy, appropriateness, timeliness, and availability.
  4. Openly share with others new ideas and cooperate with others in terms of compliance, advice, and staff manner.
  5. Deal fairly and objectively with others when providing or buying services or products;



RDN reserve the right to enforce this Code and Standards. Violation of this Code and Standards will result in suspension or termination of your account or take any disciplinary action.