Help students to learn business, employability skills and Connect with business partners/employers. Expose students and graduates with job and business skills and experiences to fit for job or business.  Giving the right job and business skills will bridge the mismatch between teaching in the institutions of learning and the need of the labor market. 



Expose students to new business ideas and create positive prospect towards self-employment. We do this through training, startup pitches, mentorship, personal discovery, connecting with business partners



Provide students and graduates with workstations and facilities both online and offline to work for part-time while gaining employability/job and business experiences.  We do this through training, provide workstations for Practical Training, connecting online with experts and business partners.



Connect students with business partners, employers, and mentors through network.  Being connected with employers and business partner, graduates will have opportunities to share and discuss new ideas, receive mentorship and exposed with business and employability skills.