Successful entrepreneurs practice radical observation


We are surrounded by new ideas 360 degrees around us. 

  • There are many ideas along the way from home to office. 
  • There are many new ideas in our community
  • There are many new ideas around us

What do you observe and discover at home, office, in the community, or in any environment around you? We may miss many opportunities that can change our lives if we do not see and discover new ideas.

There is a way we can observe things and discover new ideas. It makes us more. Also, there is a way we can see things and catch nothing. It makes us less. We can observe and discover new ideas if our minds are programmed to be receptive to new ideas. Also, we can observe and catch nothing rather than information if our minds are not programmed to be receptive to new ideas.

It all depends on how we have programmed our minds on observation.


What is Radical Observation?

Radical observation is the ability to observe positively beyond the fundamental nature or facts of something. You focus your eyes on appreciating the meaning and understanding and see behind the scene. The focus of radical observation is to observe while fixing your mind to catch new ideas beyond the known facts.

Radical observation is different from observation used in research. Observation is a systematic research technique used to collect evidence for research findings. But radical observation is a strategic observation focusing on discovering new ideas from problems or events in life. It is not necessary to be systematic. 

Sir Isaac Newton, a mathematician, and physicist discovered gravity when he saw a falling apple while thinking about the forces of nature. Sir Newton observed the falling apple beyond the known facts. He challenged himself by asking the following questions;

Why is the apple falling?

What is the force behind it?

With these attitudes, sir Newton realized that some force must be acting on the falling apple.  He researched the new idea and developed the law of gravity.


How to Program Radical Observation

Radical observation depends on radical thinking and observation skills. Therefore, it is necessary to program your mind on radical thinking and improve the way you observe to practice radical observation. Use the following techniques to practice radical observation;


Practice Radical Thinking

Our mindsets determine how we observe things around us. It is easy to practice radical observation if we practice radical thinking. The first step to practicing radical observation is to practice radical thinking. Program the following attitudes in your mind to practice radical thinking;

  • Always appreciate what others think.
  • Always think of alternative
  • Always think more than what is known.


Observe Strategically

Time is a strategic resource for every innovator or inventor. You don’t have to observe everything around you. Observe strategic issues around every event in life. The strategic issue includes problems and challenges around you. Observe and discern solutions to different problems and challenges around you.  

When observing, challenge yourself with the following questions; 

  • Is there any alternative?
  • What is behind the scene?
  • Ask questions to understand more than the known facts. 
  • Ask yourself why only this or why this way? 
  • Ask yourself how it will look if we change or make an improvement.


Write New Ideas & Develop It

Use a notebook, mobile phone, or tablet to write new ideas. Observe and write new ideas.  Chant, research and connect dots to explore more. Develop new ideas into products or services.

SourceThe Art of Discovery & Innovation 

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