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A study conducted by Queen’s University in Kingston, Canada 2020, shows that every person produces 6,200 thoughts per day. The average thinking capacity for a person per day is 6,200 thoughts. It is the high level of production of thinking.

The challenge is, what kind of thoughts do we produce?

Do we produce thoughts that make us more in life?

Do we produce ordinary or extraordinary thoughts?

It all depends on how we have programmed our mindset.


There is a way we can think and produce new ideas. Also, there is a way we can think and come up with nothing rather than daily repeated ideas. It all depends on how we practice thinking. We can think and discover new ideas if our mindsets are programmed to be receptive to new ideas. Also, we can think and discover nothing rather repeated ideas if our mindsets are not programmed to be receptive to new ideas.


The difference between ordinary and extraordinary people depends on how they practice thinking.  Also, the difference between innovators and ordinary people depends on how they practice thinking.

Those who practice radical thinking produce new ideas and become extraordinary, rich, and wealthy. But those who practice ordinary thinking remain with the same old ideas and become normal. Innovators do practice radical thinking. But normal people think ordinary.


What is Radical Thinking?

Radical thinking is the ability to think positively beyond the fundamental facts of something. It is to think extraordinary or out of the box. You focus your mind not only on the known facts of something. But you also focus your mind on appreciating and thinking beyond the known facts.

Thinking beyond the known facts helps us to catch a ball and create new ideas.

Radical thinking creates new ideas beyond the existing ones. Many inventions and innovations that break the status quo came from radical thinking.

      Thomas Edison, an American inventor, was granted 1,093 patents for inventions. His radical thinking ability positioned him as one of the most famous inventors in the history of the world that ranged including the electric pen, the typewriter, the light bulb, the phonograph, the motion picture, the alkaline storage battery, and the concrete house. He left 3,500 notebooks for his ideas when he died in 1931.

      Radical thinking is an industry of idea production in our minds. It is the art of catching new ideas beyond the known facts. Radical thinking helps us to produce new ideas by keeping our minds open to learning more. Our mind can discover more if it is programmed to think of alternatives or more than known facts. Ask yourself the following questions for every thought that comes to your mind. 


Why only this?

How does it look if we make some changes?

What will happen if we add some features?


How to Program Radical Thinking

Everyone can program radical thinking. It is just your decision. Decide now to practice radical thinking. Use the following steps and techniques to practice and program radical thinking;


Step 1. Practice Radical Thinking

Everyone can practice radical thinking. Set standards in your mind to scan every thought with the following techniques;

  • Always appreciate what others think.
  • Always think of alternative
  • Always think more than what is known.
  • Always ask questions to understand more than the known facts. 
  • Always ask why only this or why this way? 
  • Always ask how it will look if we change.


Once you program these questions in your mind, it will help you to think radically and discover many new ideas in your life. 


For example



The above image is known as the image of heart or love. Whenever you think about love, this image comes to your mind. This image represents love because it looks like a heart. True love comes from the heart. It is a known fact for this image.

By using our ordinary thinking, this is the only image of love. We believe there is no alternative because we limit our minds to thinking beyond the known facts. 

But by using radical thinking, this is not the final and end image of love. Our minds are open to thinking more. With radical thinking, we can think of the following options; 

  • What will happen if we change the design? 
  • How does it looks if we add some features?
  • Is there an alternative to this image?
  • Why this image?

By using radical thinking, we appreciate and acknowledge that this is the image of love. But, it is not true that this is the only image of love. We keep our minds open to thinking more beyond the known facts. 


  1. Write New Ideas & Develop It

Use a notebook, mobile phone, or tablet to write new ideas. Think and write new ideas.  Chant, research and connect dots to explore more. Develop new ideas into products or services.

Source: The Art of Discovery & Innovation 

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