Smart Children |..Are old enough to change the world

I am old enough to change the world.


I know Who I am?

I have a Life Purpose to accomplish.

I exercise my Talent and Passion.

I focus on my Core Genius.


My story is in my Core Genius. Do not let me out of my Core Genius. Guide me, trust me, I will make a difference.


Children have great resources that can change the world. They are fully professionals endowed with solutions. We can only harness these resources to make the world a better place if we guide them with the right mindset.

Genius & Success ebook presents a simple story to guide your child on success mentality. This is a child self-development guide. The book is for children from the age of 3 up to 12 years old. During these stages, a child’s brain greatly benefits from make-believe affirmations which build a strong foundation for intellectual thinking. This is the best stage to build success attitudes and positive thinking in your child. These success attitudes have been practiced by many successful people around the world. However, the main challenge is that most people get to learn the secret behind these success attitudes much later in their adult lives. Those who have discovered this secret have started imparting the knowledge to their children from a young age by instilling success attitudes in their minds. These success attitudes help build self-confidence in children, helping set the stage for high academic achievements, a happy home life, and a brighter future.


This book is designed to help your child to build five success attitudes. Assist your child to form a habit by affirming the positive words every day by using Parental guides provided in chapter 6.

  • Assist your child to understand his or her life purpose and what he or she is good at.
  • Assist your child to read, affirm and make a daily habit to build strong success attitudes.
  • Encourage your child to work on these activities until he or she adopts these success attitudes.


Download your free ebook to learn in the following link.

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