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RDN is introducing a window for writing projects known as Readers Library Lab (RLL). The RLL was developed in response to Mwantimwa, Kassim & Mwabungulu's study conducted in 2019.  According to this study, failure to introduce learners to the culture of reading early enough linked to poor reading culture in Tanzania. RDN under RLL developed a co-creation approach to support children, teens, and professionals to write their books and other publications. The approach aims to inspire reading culture and success mindsets in life and business. RLL will inspire children, teens, professionals, and entrepreneurs in Africa to seek knowledge and understanding. It is the best way to develop smart people who understand how things work. 



Our co-creation model makes it easy.


What do you do?

Share your Idea or writing project.


What do we do?

Work together with you to create the best product and distribute it.


Let us work together to create your writing project. 


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