Funding sources for Startups & Development Projects in Africa



  1. D-Prize

  2. Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation

  3. Global Innovation Fund

  4. Global Philanthropy Alliance

  5. Roddenberry Foundation



  1. Associated Country Women of the World

  2. AusAID

  3. Bel Foundation

  4. Belgian Development Cooperation

  5. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

  6. Canadian International Food Security Research Fund

  7. Conservation, Food, and Health Foundation

  8. Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs: Netherlands Enterprise Agency

  9. European Commission: EuropeAid

  10. Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

  11. Fruit Tree Planting Foundation

  12. Japan Fund for Global Environment

  13. Monsanto Fund

  14. NextWorldNow Community Investments

  15. Purely OverSeas Trust

  16. Roncalli International Foundation

  17. Seed Foundation

  18. Swedish International Development Agency

  19. Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation

  20. United Kingdom Department for International Development

  21. World Bank



  1. Adobe Event Sponsorship Program

  2. Air France Corporate Foundation

  3. Anadarko Petroleum Corporate Giving Program

  4. Arab Gulf Program for Development (AGFUND)

  5. atDta Foundation

  6. AusAID

  7. Austrian Development Agency

  8. Belgian Development Cooperation

  9. Better World Books Literacy and Education in Action Program (LEAP)

  10. Boeing Company Corporate Giving Program

  11. Brother’s Brother Foundation

  12. Cargill Corporate Contributions Program

  13. Coca-Cola Foundation

  14. ConocoPhillips Corporate Contributions Program

  15. Danish Mission Council Development Department

  16. Dow Chemical Company Foundation

  17. Drosos Foundation

  18. Dr. Scholl Foundation

  19. Dubai Cares

  20. DuPont Pioneer Giving Program

  21. Eaton Charitable Fund

  22. Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs

  23. Fluor Corporation Contributions Program/Fluor Foundation

  24. Fondation d’entreprise Hermès

  25. Ford Foundation

  26. French Development Agency

  27. GDF SUEZ Foundation

  28. Global Fund for Women

  29. Hilden Charitable Fund

  30. Hivos

  31. Husky Corporate Social Responsibility Program

  32. Irish Aid

  33. Jephcott Charitable Trust

  34. King Faisal Foundation

  35. Michael and Susan Dell Foundation

  36. New Zealand Aid Programme

  37. Nippon Foundation

  38. Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (Norad)

  39. Open Society Foundations

  40. Purely OverSeas Trust

  41. Qualcomm Corporate Giving

  42. Robert Bosch Stiftung

  43. Roche Corporate Giving Program

  44. Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation

  45. Swedish International Development Agency

  46. Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation

  47. UBS Optimus Foundation

  48. UNFCU Foundation

  49. United Kingdom Department for International Development

  50. Virginia Gildersleeve International Fund (VGIF)



  1. African Bird Club

  2. Blue Action Fund

  3. Club300 Bird Protection

  4. Crowder-Messersmith Fund

  5. Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund

  6. International Elephant Foundation

  7. Save Our Species

  8. SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Conservation Fund 

  9. Sophie Danforth Conservation Biology Fund




  1. Abilis Foundation

  2. Air France Foundation

  3. Disability Rights Fund

  4. Karl Kahane Foundation (KKF)




  1. Africa Climate Change Fund

  2. Alcoa Foundation

  3. Coca-Cola Foundation

  4. Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund

  5. Global Environment Facility: Small Grants Programme

  6. Jack Kimmel International Grant Program

  7. Lush Charity Pot

  8. Minor Foundation for Major Challenges

  9. Rainforest Fund

  10. Wallace Global Fund



  1. African Women’s Development Fund

  2. Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

  3. Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation

  4. Cigna Foundation: World of Difference Grants

  5. Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation (Malawi)

  6. Elton John AIDS Foundation

  7. Fondation Mérieux

  8. Ford Foundation

  9. Foundation for the National Institutes of Health

  10. Hear the World Foundation

  11. Irish Aid

  12. Open Society Initiative for Southern Africa

  13. Robert Carr Civil Society Networks Fund

  14. Stephen Lewis Foundation

  15. UHAI: The East African Sexual Health and Rights Initiative

  16. U.K. Department for International Development

  17. United States Agency for International Development

  18. ViiV Healthcare

  19. Y+



  1. Abilis Foundation

  2. Akiba Uhaki Foundation (restricted to Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and Tanzania)

  3. Arab Human Rights Fund (restricted to the 22 member countries of the Arab League)

  4. Disability Rights Fund

  5. The Fund to End Violence Against Children

  6. Global Fund for Children

  7. Lush Charity Pot

  8. The Other Foundation

  9. Rainforest Fund

  10. Virginia Gildersleeve International Fund (VGIF)




  1. ABILIS Foundation

  2. Action for World Solidarity

  3. African Women's Development Fund

  4. Alexia Foundation for World Peace

  5. Amplify Change

  6. Arab Gulf Program for Development (AGFUND)

  7. Arthur B. Schultz Foundation

  8. Associated Country Women of the World

  9. AusAID

  10. Austrian Development Agency

  11. Belgian Development Cooperation

  12. Coca-Cola Foundation

  13. Commonwealth Foundation

  14. COMO Foundation

  15. Danida

  16. Danish Mission Council Development Department

  17. David and Lucile Packard Foundation

  18. Dining for Women

  19. Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs

  20. Fledgling Fund

  21. Ford Foundation

  22. FRIDA | The Young Feminist Fund

  23. Global Fund for Women

  24. Hilden Charitable Fund

  25. Hivos

  26. Indigenous Women’s Fund

  27. Irish Aid

  28. Jacob and Hilda Blaustein Foundation

  29. Karl Kahane Foundation (KKF)

  30. KIOS

  31. Maypole Fund

  32. Norwegian Human Rights Fund

  33. Open Meadows Foundation

  34. Open Society Foundations

  35. Pro Victimis Foundation

  36. Sexual Violence Research Initiative

  37. Spanish Agency for International Development Cooperation

  38. Swedish International Development Agency

  39. UN Women: UN Trust Fund to End Violence Against Women

  40. UNFCU Foundation

  41. United Nations Democracy Fund

  42. Urgent Action Fund

  43. Virginia Gildersleeve International Fund

  44. Wallace Global Fund

  45. Women of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

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