Radical Thinking. "The Change."


RDNPlatform fosters radical thinking and a success mindset for entrepreneurs in Africa to bring a positive impact on the world. 

Radical means beyond the fundamental nature or facts of something. Or beyond the known facts of something. 

The main problem of entrepreneurs in Africa is in the mindset. Transforming their mindset will help them to discover and maximize their talent, potential, and ability. 

Change the mindset of untapped talent in Africa and help them discover and maximize their potential to bring positive change in Africa and the world. 


Radical Thinking

Radical Thinking is the ability to think positively beyond the fundamental nature or facts of something. It is to think extraordinary or out of the box. Radical thinking helps you to see not only the fundamental nature of something, but you also focus your mind in a way that you can appreciate and think beyond the existing facts. It helps you think and see the picture of things beyond the fundamental nature that might add more value. 

Radical thinking creates mental pictures of new things beyond the existing ones. Many discoveries and innovations that break the status quo come from the art of radical thinking. This positive form of radical thinking work together with meditation allows you to tap the most profound wisdom within you and think beyond the fundamental nature.


How to set your mind on radical thinking

Use the following techniques to set your mind on radical thinking.


Step 1. Tune to your higher self

Listen to your higher self. Get a single time and tune to the proper authority within you to understand more about yourself. 

Ask the following questions:

  1. Who am I?
  2. Why am I in this world?
  3. What is the positive impact of the success I am seeking? 

Understanding who you are, your life purpose, passion, talent, and ability will inspire you to think big and radical. 


Step 2. Think big 

Think big and dream big come from your higher self or spiritual guidance. Your higher self is not affected by the environment. It looks at your maximum potential and ability within you. Those who have achieved the best in innovation, invention, discovery and success do operate big dreams from their higher self. The spiritual guidance in you is the source of big ideas and change. 

Note that, most people will advise you to be realistic when creating your vision. But I always ask myself, If you want to bring a change, how can you be realistic? The only way to bring change is to imagine out of real. Be radical to get change out of reality. The secret of thinking big and building your success in a poor environment is to operate more in your higher self. Your higher self is not affected by the environment. It looks at your maximum potential and ability within you. 


Step 3. Practice meditation and visualization 

Practice meditation and visualization to silence the monkey mind and make it easy to listen within you. Practice meditation helps you to tune your mind and body to tape the deepest wisdom in you beyond the fundamental nature or facts. It helps you to practice radical thinking by using the profound wisdom within you.    


Step 4. Practice positive affirmation & gratitude 

Keep your mouth on victory and be thankful. Practice positive affirmation, self-talk, and gratitude helps you you’re your mind positive and see things in the big picture with appreciation about their fundamental nature. It helps you to see more beyond the fundamental nature of something. 


How radical thinking contribute to your startup, business, organization, or your life. 

The Law of Attraction states that the energy you put into the world determine the people, resources, and opportunities you attract in your life. When you set your mind on positive and radical thinking, you attract new changes, high vibe people, and opportunities.  

Radical thinking influences radical working, radical talking, and listening. It creates mental readiness to see your startup, business, organization, or your life in the big picture beyond the known facts. It helps your brain to think positively and more vibrant to add value to everything you see in your mind. 

Applying radical thinking helps you add value or new features to everything you see and think. That means to make a change in your startup, business, organization, or your life, you need to apply radical thinking. Without radical thinking, there is no change. 


Apply radical thinking, or think beyond the fundamental nature or facts or reality. 

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