Global Innovation Fund

About the grant

Global Innovation Fund is open for social innovations that aim to improve the lives and opportunities of millions of people.

There are three stages applicants can apply for:

  1. Pilot: Your innovation is still in an early phase. You are testing core assumptions around operational, social, and financial viability. 
  2. Test and Transition: Your innovation has completed initial testing and is now transitioning to a larger scale. You have some information on your operational, social, and financial viability. You want to solidify this before you scale.
  3. Scale: Your innovation has solid operational, social, and financial viability. You have strong evidence that my innovation improves the lives of those living on less than $5 PPP per day. Now you want to replicate your innovation in new countries and contexts, reaching millions of people. 


The private sector for-profit firms, non-profit organizations, researchers, and government agencies.



Developing countries including Africa 


Stage and funding size 

  1. Pilot projects: The maximum per project is $230,000 USD. 
  2. Test and Transition: The maximum per project is $2.3 million, although the average investment size is smaller
  3. Scale: The maximum per project is $15 million, although the average investment size is much smaller

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RDNPlatform Funding Application Support

Do you need support to submit your applications?

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We provide the following services under RDNplatform funding application support

  1. Amplifying funding opportunities to reach more people and support them with applications. 
  2. Assist in crafting winning proposals and concept notes
  3. Advisory on the best funding practices and application
  4. Linking partners with funding sources
  5. Bridging the language barrier by assisting people with rational ideas with different language backgrounds.
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