Crowdsourcing Terms of service




You might require a subscription plan to use freelance online hiring service. Subscription in the Economy plan is free. Project in this terms of services means any work that needs to be done with experts or professionals. To submit a project or idea,  you need to provide details of your project as indicated in the project submission form. You can promote your project/listing but this depends on your desire and your project requirements. Once you have submitted your project, our experts will bid on your project. You may evaluate the proposal submitted and choose the qualified expert to work on your project or idea. Also, you may use our evaluation team to evaluate the proposal submitted and choose the qualified expert for your project. You may pay expert by milestone basis (Payment according to the deliverable plan you set)  or pay expert after completion of the project. If you're an expert or professional, you can work at home by submitting your bid for a project that fits well with your qualification.  RDN Platform has three membership plans (Economy, Premier, and Business). The economy plan is free for any registered member, but you need to buy to complete the subscription process, it will cost nothing. All subscription plans are for three months. RDN may change subscription plans, rates or period for subscription with one month notice posted to our site prior to the change. Find out the membership subscription plan.



You can sell and buy products in marketplace. You agree to comply with all laws and regulations applicable to the international sale, purchase, and shipping of products.  When selling or listing on the marketplace, you agree that you are responsible for contents and Intellectual Property Rights as prescribed in this Terms of Service. When purchase or buy the product you agree and it is your responsibility to read, understand and commit to entering into legal agreement contract to purchase such product. When you place the order you warrant that you are an authorized user of the credit cards used to place your order and there are sufficient funds to cover the cost of goods. Your card will be debited upon authorization being received. RDN will confirm your order by email that the goods which you ordered have been dispatched to you. The money received will be treated as a deposit and upon the goods have been dispatched and confirmed by email from us,  the deposit shall be used as consideration of the value of goods you have purchased. If you purchase a product on linked sites other than RDN marketplace, you may be subject to additional terms of services of those sites.




You agree to submit true and correct information to list and advertise your project for partnership. RDN will review your project and may reject, or approve your submission with reasons. You may request additional services such as promotion first, bold, border, background, special... Additional services may be commenced from the date we have received the full payment. Additional services are limited in number, the first come first served. The advertisement for additional service shall be in the size and format specified on our website.  By submitting an advertisement on our site you warrant that it complies with all applicable law and regulation. You will be responsible for any loss or damage as a result of submitting an advertisement that does not comply with law and regulation. We will work hard to promote your paid advertising but we do not guarantee that will be error free and will meet your expectation. You may delete your listing or terminate paid additional services anytime.



We accept and publish a wide range of publication categories include- Journal Article, Book, Chapter In Book, Review, Working Model/Technical Drawing, Conference Publication, Designs, Computer Software, Contract Report, Consultant's Report, Patent, Major Creative Work, Other Creative Work and Theses Accepted For Higher Degree. While using our e-library, you provide warrants that contents you have provided are accurate and true and you are responsible for any damage associated with. The RDN deserve the right to review materials that you upload, submit or share and on its sole discretion right it may reject, or remove any or all materials with or without notice to you any time for any or no reason. All contents are copyright of RDN and reproduced with permission from other copyright owners. Our e-library is for free access if you want to sell your publication you need to register it under our e-shopping.



Our mission is to highlight all the challenges and opportunities identified in different research reports or publications. What do we do? (1) We monitor daily research reports and publications; (2) Identify and highlight challenges/problems; (3) Propose Innovative Ideas to address challenges/problems. You may require to have a subscription to access private forums. All post or topics are the opinions of the author and do not necessarily represent the views or opinions of RDN. You agree that you will honor all contributor with respect and do not make any personal attack. You agree not to use offensive language and any unlawful material which may harm others. RDN reserve the right to moderate forums to ensure all users are protected. RDN reserve the right to terminate your topics or post for any reason.



RDN Platform has a wide range of service whereby billing and payment service requirement may differ from one service to another. You agree to honor the billing and payment service requirement as may be directed when using those services.  All payment when using freelancing service will be done through our Finance system(Escrow Payment) except for e-shopping and RDN Classifieds which you can use escrow or other methods as per your preference. You agree to honor all payment including fees, charges, and taxes as may be required when purchasing products or using services on this website.

A: Refunds: You have the right to request a refund for funds you deposit into your account. RDN will review your request to determine the contractual obligation of your fund. Dispute resolution may apply for refund related to fees, charges, milestone payment or any contractual obligation. All refund will be paid by using our Finance System. All PDF and ebook purchases are final and there are no returns for these items. To file your refund, send email to RDN may request additional information to verify the details provided and your entitlement to the service requested.

B: Fraudulent and erroneous: You agree that you will not involve in any fraudulent and duplicate transactions when using our site. If you involve in any fraudulent and duplicate transactions, RDN reserve the right to obtain reimbursement from you to cover for all liability by charging your account, suspend your withdraw, reverse the transaction, suspend or terminate your account or take any action to cover the impact as the result of fraud or erroneous.

C: Currency: You agree that all transaction will be using US Dollar. RDN will not be responsible for any cost incurred due to currency fluctuation when billing in currency other than US Dollar.