Successful entrepreneurs pay the cost to stay in the presence of extraordinary people



Successful Entrepreneurs Pay the Cost to Stay in the Presence of Extraordinary People



Your network includes the people with who you work within your business, career, or society. It can be your business partners, clients, customers, friends, or people in your community.


 “Social capital or your ability to build a network of authentic personal and professional relationships is the most important asset in your portfolio”

Porter Gale | Author of Your Networth is your Network.



The Creative Power of the Network

There is the creative power of success in your network. Your network can have a positive or negative influence on your success. The quality of your network presents your current resources present in a time of need. It is your net worth. Your fortune is a result of a mutually beneficial business relationship between you and your network.

  • If you want to be a successful person, get successful people into your network.
  • If you want to be a billionaire, get billionaires into your network. 
  • If you want to be a thought leader, get thought leaders into your network. 
  • If you want to be a successful researcher, get successful researchers into your network.
  • If you want to be extraordinary, get extraordinary people into your network.

 Pay any cost to get the right people that fit what you want to be in your network.



Key Issues in Creating Your Network

There are four key issues to consider to create your network with a positive impact.


What you want to accomplish

You should have an adequate understanding of what you want to accomplish. Learn to get the right knowledge and understanding about what you want to achieve. It will help you to find the right people in your network that fit well with what you want.


Understand and be clear about what support you need

You should have a clear understanding of the support you need. It will help you find the right people who fit well with your need. Getting the right support at the right time is the best option that can add value and make you feel and appreciate the power of your network.


Right successful people and resources

You need the right successful people or the right friend with a positive mindset to create your network. Not all successful people are the best for you to build your success. Also, not all friends with a positive attitude or success resources are the best to support your dream of building your success. The right people and the right resources will provide you with the right support and complement efforts to build your success.



Use the power of integrity to choose the right successful people or friends with a positive mindset to be in your network. Leadership is all about integrity.



Steps in Creating Your Network

An Entrepreneur can use the following three steps and techniques to create a network with a positive impact on his or her ventures.


Step 1: Drop out of the toxic within you

The first step to take before creating your network with a positive impact is to drop out of the toxic within you. Clean yourself to get clean people. Practices integrity to reach people with integrity. Live a successful life to get successful people. The law of attraction applies to attracting like-minded people to your network. If you keep toxic in you and drop people who produce toxic around you, it might not work because the toxic is still in you. 


Step 2: Drop out of the toxic around you

The second step to creating a network with a positive impact is to drop toxic people. Make the change in your network by dropping all toxic people. If you want to change, make sure you change entirely to open a new window for the right people to be in your network. If you keep some toxic people and add the right successful people, you will still be pulled back by the toxic people.

When I created my new network, after dropping 50% of people with toxicity and adding the right successful people, I was still experiencing negative influences. When I completed dropping out all people with toxicity, I felt the positive power of my network. Dropping toxic people is a must-action to get a positive change with the best results for your new successful lifestyle.


Step 3: Surround yourself with the right people

The third step to building a network with a positive impact is to get the right people. People with integrity make the best partner in every business. Whether the right partners to build a fortune, the right partners as the clients for your business, or the right partners as friends, integrity is the key factor. Choose the right successful people and friends with a positive mindset that fits very well with your vision and the support you want. It is also essential to act with integrity.


Source: 3 x 7 x 21 Success Formula


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